Nothing is true, Everything is permitted.

Rosalia Simonetta de’ Medici is the youngest daughter of Lorenzo de’ Medici and Clarice Orsini. When Rosalia grew up, she was some of a rebel. She would steal food from the kitchen, run away from her guards and other things her parents did not like. This led to her father becoming strict and overprotective of his daughter. He would complain to her that “none of your other siblings act like this” and “please, listen to me and do as I say for once”. But Rosalia wouldn’t listen, not even once. As she grew older she would sneak out at night, or fight the guards. Problem was she was pretty good with the sword, she would practise when she was alone and in her room because her father did not like the idea of his daughter using swords. She was a lady, and she should act like one. She met ezio auditore when she was running away from thugs trying to kill her. She had agreed to wear her gown and walk around with other ladies her age. Her father had begged her for weeks and she finally agreed. A group of thugs had jumped them, and Rosalia tried to defend herself and the other ladies. They ended up chasing her down the street, shot her with an arrow in the shoulder and running into ezio. He only notice her due to the blood she leaves on ezio's arm. He decided to help her, and after they kill the thugs she passes out and he helps her home. Rosalia is sly, upright, obstinate, intelligent and cunning. Also good hearted, ambitious and defiant.

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