something wicked this way comes.

Thea Lisa Blair is a witch who lives/lived in Sunnydale. She moved to sunnydale when she was very tiny, a new born. Now she lives with her father, Timothy Blair. Her mother died when she was 15. Thea learned her witching abilities from her mother, and her mother knew a lot. Her mother taught her that magic is not something you toy with, the balance may never be disturbed, and therefore Thea rarely use her magic. Also because it frighten her, she doesn’t feel she can really trust herself and her magic. Thea befriends the scooby gang at Sunnydale high, and she becomes good friends with them. She often helps them, with various things like scrying or finding things in the library. It happens they ask her for help, doing something bigger, magically, but she always say no. In the final fight, during the sunnydale high school blitz, she fights with the gang and survive, barely. She gets stabbed by a Turok-Han. By this time, she has become a very strong witch. But has never fallen to the “dark side”, like willow has. She still try not to use magic, but ultimately she has to. She is unrealistically romantic, stubborn, compassionate and well-meaning. Also determined and careful.

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