You pull a gun, you aim to kill.

Lelah Etze Nykle is an irathient mercenary who was born and raised in defiance. She is a for hire ark hunter and “thug”. She is ex military that left due to immorality and what she called “stupidity”. She lives by herself in a old trailer, close to the market and prison. Lelah is not a team player. She dislikes people, and wish to be alone. You can often find Lelah in the NeedWant, drinking her into oblivion. She looks to be friendly, but often is not. One has to get to know her, create a bond with her. Lelah has trouble trusting people, and it takes time for her to build trust. Once you’re friends with her, she becomes a lot softer and kinder. Lelah was the only child of a human and an irathient, and her parents got killed when she was only 8 years old. She befriends Nolan and Irisa after they imprison her for killing someone, which she didn’t do. Not at this time anyway. She convince Irisa she did not kill the man, and Irisa convince Nolan to help Lelah find the real killer. After they find the real killer, she becomes a good friend with Irisa and Nolan and Lelah helps them whenever they need help. Lelah is resilient, defiant, strong-willed and fearless. Also smug and kind.

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