Warden & Champions.

Allora Brianna Theirin, Cousland before she married Alistair, is a human noble warrior but also the warden commander of the wardens. She is also queen over Ferelden. Allora grew up in Castle Cousland with her older brother, Fergus Cousland. They had a safe and loving childhood, and her father was extremely overprotective of Allora. It was difficult for Allora to do things like do sword play with her brother, because her father only wanted her to do lady things. She had to do all those things behind his back, and Allora grew tired of it and confessed to her father. To her surprise her father agreed to let her train, and become a “master swordsman”, or in her case swordswoman. She became very good with her sword and shield, in practically no time at all, and her brother only laughed at their father. Once she had joined duncan and the wardens she met Alistair, and they fell madly in love with each other. In the end, she married Alistair and they became king and queen over Ferelden. Alora is strong willed, a born leader, brave and outspoken. She is also protective, good hearted and bright.

Nimbra Nessa Toradi, is an elven half blood Rogue whose origin is Orlais. She runs into Allora when she is trying to rob her, but Allora is to fast and catch her in the act. Nimbra ask not to tell the guards, because she needs money for her family. But Allora can see right through the lie, and tells Nimbra to be calm, she won’t tell on her. She strikes a deal with Nimbra, telling her what her mission is and she could use someone like her. Nimbra, who doesn’t have a choice in the matter, joins Allora and her party. Nimbra was born in Orlais, and is the child of a wealthy human woman and a rogue elven man. Their love raised a lot of questions. People slander and talked about them, even hunted them. This led her parents to split up, even if they did not want to. Her father took Nimbra with her to Ferelden, where he taught her how to be a rogue. Her father never saw her mother again, and sadly never did Nimbra. Nimbra is a rash girl, with a bright mind. She is adaptive, willful and daring. She is also adaptive.

Florence Leandra Hawke is a warrior who comes to Kirkwall after her village in Lothering gets rundown with darkspawn. She was part of King Cailan's army at Ostagar, and she barely made it out alive. Once she saw king Cailan die, she knew she had to flee, and all she could think of was her family. Once she got home to her family she told them they had to go, it was matter of hours before the darkspawn would be at their village. On their way to Kirkwall they meet Flemeth who agrees to help them, if she agrees to help her, which she does. At kirkwall she meets anders, a mage who she feels drawn too. It doesn’t take long before they get romantically involved with each other, showing each other great love and compassion. When the Chantry explodes and Anders tell Florence he and justice was the ones doing it, florence express great anger towards him. Telling him innocent people was inside, and how could he do this. In the end florence forgive him, because she loves him deeply. Florence is protective, adaptive, tenacious and charismatic. Also caring, compassionate and unrealistically romantic.

Moira Liv Foliét is a mage who originally comes from Orlais. She comes to Kirkwall to hide from templars. Kirkwall is not the best place to hide from templars, but she thinks it’s best to hide among templars rather than far from. Moira was born in the Tevinter Imperium, her parents were two very powerful mages who was joined under a arranged marriage. Her parents did not like each other at all, and were bitter and unfriendly with each other. This reflected on Moira, turning her into a not so friendly person. She moved away early, when she was only sixteen years old, and ended up in Orlais. Her parents, who did not want to seem bad looking sent her money daily, and it was not a small sum. She became one of the more wealthy mages in Orlais. It did not take long before the templars was after her, one night she had to defend herself against a group of drunk men and ended up having to fry them. A couple saw Moira, and they told the templars. When she came to Kirkwall she met Florence, and they were not friendly. Not at first anyway. Later on she became a lot more softer and kinder. Florence turned her into a better person. Moira get romantically involved with Fenris, who met him through Florence. Moira is stubborn, impulsive, smug, resilient and ruthless. She show strong unrelenting hostility and is strong willed.

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