Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

Katarina Charlotte Gagarin is the commander of the Security Force on europa station, where she lives. There she lived with her younger baby sister, Rosanna Gagarin. She fled from her home planet, earth, when she was old enough. With her she took her baby sister, because she feared her father would start abusing her sister as well. Her whole life, Charlotte had been abused by her father. It started after he was in a terrible accident and his personality change drastically. Before the accident he was loving and kind, and a wonderful father. It took a while before her father lost track of them, and by then all the money she had stole from him was practically gone. She came to europa station in hope on losing her father forever, which she did. But when Charlotte and Rosanna came to europa station they were not allowed into the regular districts. They had to live in the slums for 3 months before she could buy an apartment. During an assault on charlotte, when she was on her way home from looking for work, a group of men jumped her. They tried to rob her, and later raping her, but she fought them back. Not fully, but she knocked a few of them out. Thankfully the commander, the at that time, of the security force save her. He offered her a job on the force and she agreed. Darvell and Charlotte got into a loving relationship only it did not last very long. Charlotte and her team walked into a trap, killing everyone except herself. During her time at the hospital, getting well, she met Erin Carter and they become good friends. During the outbreak, she and her baby sister are the first people on her mind, and she set out to save them. Charlotte is caring, altruistic, bold, brave and a born leader. She is also outspoken, hot headed and protective.

Rosanna Lesley Gagarin is the little sister of Charlotte Gagarin. Rosanna came to europa station with her sister, and had no problem going away with her. She likes her sister quite a lot, and has no trouble trusting her. Rosanna is also known as Rosie or Rose by her friends and family. She likes her nicknames a lot. During the outbreak on europa station, her sister saves her before the necromorphs gets to her. She gets badly hurt when falling down from a balcony, trying to escape a group of necromorphs. She hits her head pretty hard, and moving around with her gets difficult after charlotte finds her. Charlotte finds the poor girl laying in a heap of dead bodies, which she fell down onto. When Charlotte sets out to find Rosie and Erin, she finds Rosie first. The first thing she ask Charlotte is where Erin was, and why she wasn’t with her. Rosanna goes to the europa elementary, and is doing very well in school. Charlotte goes to the elementary first looking for Rosanna, but only finds her backpack there. Rosanna is bright, brave, daring, good hearted and caring. Also compassionate and loyal.

Darvell Jonah Kaplan was the commander of the europa security force, before he died in the accident which led to his death as well as his crews. Charlotte was the only one that survived, but she was greatly injured. Darvell grew up in a loving home, with kind parents. They were firm Unitologists, but they did not force their beliefs onto Darvell. Darvell moved out relatively early, and into his own apartment down into the slums. Shortly after that he joined the security force. At first he was horrible at anything the force made him do. For example shooting with rifles was extremely difficult for darvell, and he believed he would never be good at it. But he trained and trained, and became one of the best. Darvell met Charlotte when she was defending herself against a group of muggers. He asked her if she would like to join the force, at that time he had risen to the role of commander. He told her people like her would always be needed in either in the force or around him. It made her blush. It didn’t take long before they fell in love with each other and developed deep feelings for each other. Sadly, he died before they could announce their engagement. His death brought sadness to a lot of people, he was a good man. Darvell was honorable, loyal, bold, compassionate and resilient. Also fearless and protective.

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