Ain't that a kick in the head.

Jane Lucille Ritter is a Doctor/Scientist who lives at the Old Mormon Fort, With Arcade Gannon. Jane is a very smart person, She is one of the leading doctors in the Mojave Wasteland. She should be working at one of the bigger "hospitals", but she wish to help those who doesn't have a lot of caps. You could say that Jane is a Followers of the Apocalypse, but she honestly doesn't care about them. She just wish to help people. Jane is very friendly and kind, she befriends most people she meets. She is also rather brave, she puts other people before herself and therefore whenever anyone needs help, she will help. Seriousness is probably something that describes her most. She doesn't like to joke around to much, and she takes things very serious.

Emily Joan Novak is a Gun for hire and she doesn't really have a home. She is working on getting caps to actually buy one, but she often spends most of her money on boose and cigs. Emily is a forceful, charismatic, determinate & smooth talking rat bastard. She likes to be everywhere and anywhere at the same time. She is often seen quite terrifying, but she has a heard of gold. She HATES the NCPs and wish them all to just go and die. She doesn't listen well to orders or laws, so she often gets in trouble with them often. She is quite the rebel. Emily has had a tough life, but she just grew from it. Her parents live a long way from the Mojave Wasteland, and they are quite old. She grew up very poor, but thankfully she got a lot of love!

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