Endless Demento, and a haunting ground.

Violetta Fiolina Prudence is a mentally disturbed woman who lives on the belli castle. She came to the castle after Aureolus belli burned it down to the ground and leaving violetta the soul survivor. He did so because violetta had a very strong and vibrant azoth, and he wanted it for himself. He took violetta to belli castle, and Aureolus told her he would help her and what has happen to her is horrific. But he was the one burning it down and did not feel sorry at all. Once at the castle Aureolus nurtured Violetta, getting her healthy again. She had become weak from the fire, and extracting the azoth from her now would not work. During the time violetta healed Aureolus started to take a liking to her, and they developed a relationship. Soon she became pregnant and that would mean trouble for Aureolus. He decided it was time to do the ritual and get her azoth. Only she was in her 5th month of her pregnancy. He decided to get the child and place it in a safe artificial womb, till he had use for it. Sadly the experiment failed leaving violettas azoth splitting into two and turning her mad. The violetta who is good is nurturing, good-hearted, shy, selfless and compassionate. The wicked violetta is manipulative, sly, impetuous, cruel and smug.

Edmund Eric Enzo Belli is an psychopathic alchemist that lives on the belli castle. He came to the castle a long time ago, not long after violetta. He wanted to become an alchemist like Aureolus Belli and begged him to become Edmunds teacher. He agreed to let Edmund become his apprentice, but Aureolus was strict and didn’t allow him to do anything major. Edmund fetched tea, Aureolus notes and things a butler would do really. Edmund grew tired of it, he wanted to learn and not be his servant. One day, when Aureolus told him to fetch him his notes on his desk, edmund saw a couple of notes regarding something called “the dry method” and he just had to take the notes and read them, and so he did. The notes interested him deeply, and he stole them. He took the notes with him home to his parents, and he he tried it on them. The method failed, extremely, and he ended up blowing up both his parents and hurting himself dearly. Once he was back at the castle, bloody and hurt, Aureolus hugged him and said he was proud. He would now become his apprentice. Edmund is sly, cruel, manipulative, prejudiced, selfish and just plain horrible. Also arrogant and observant.

Solandra Grandiflora & Nolana Sedifolia Belli are two conjoined twins created by edmund using a blue and yellow mandragora. Solandra and Nolana was an accident, and was meant to be on person, and not two conjoined twins. Edmund created the twins, to make a wife for himself, and not in a way a normal person loves another. He wanted to make the perfect woman for himself, mixing the dna from the two woman he has ever “liked”. Aurora Belli and Morag Bogg. Aurora was a tall, bubblegum lady who lives on the belli castle and Morag Bogg is a prostitute edmund has stalked for many years. He even went so far to kidnap her and she is now down in his dungeon. He mixed the dna from the two ladies, oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, sulfur, sodium, chlorine and magnesium. Also a group of other minerals and compounds. But since his knowledge lacked when he created them, the one woman turned into twins. He wanted to get rid of the failure, but Lorenzo did not let him. He said that he has to stand for what he has done, and Edmund kept the twins. Only because Lorenzo, before Aureolus, is the only person he listen to and it’s out of respect and “love”. The twins who are quite slow in their brains, are wonderful and kind “children”. They look to be around fifteen but act like they were seven. They are good hearted, selfless, gullible and caring. They have not a single bad bone in their body.

Viola Cordelia Belli is an alchemist and witch who lives on the belli castle. She is the daughter of Violetta and Aureolus, and probably the heir to the belli castle. Viola has been trapped in an artificial womb, and only recently came out of it. It was on a stormy night when the power went out, and the backup power failed to kick in. Her artificial womb shut down and she came out of it. During her time inside, and when she was just a small fetus, Aureolus did tiny but many different experiments on the child. He infused her with different powerful metals, and compounds. He infused her with shards and gems, but also a powerful azoth. One can ask why he did not use the azoth on himself, but no one knows. All this made Viola extremely powerful, but also in a great deal of pain. Aureolus had also infused her with all the knowledge he had, making her a direct replica of himself. But only with the knowledge he had. Viola is still her own person. Viola does know of her past and what happen to her mother, and she has a lot of mixed feelings regarding it. She blame her for all the pain she suffered, she never wished to be born. She also blame her for falling for her father, and not seeing him as the horrible man he was. Viola is intelligent, proud, obstinate, good hearted and savvy. Also ambitious, sly and cunning.

William Duncan Aldwin is a merchant that lived in the city and works in a butcher's store. He is from a noble family, but decided he want to be an butcher in his early years. This made his parents angry, and they often plead to him to stop what he is doing and come home. But he doesn’t care, he likes his job, for some reason. His job is the reason he met violetta. Violetta and William marries and have a child together, and he is the reason Violetta regain her mind and mends her azoth. William meet Violetta one day when Arianna and Violetta is down in the city to buy meat. Violetta who hates the smell of meat, doesn’t want to enter the store, and Arianna says it’s alright she can stay in the wagon. She just needs to give the store owner a piece of paper with all the meats they will need this week. But Violetta doesn’t feel safe and her paranoia is about to kick in, so she goes with Arianna. Once inside the store, William sees her and he falls for her like a shooting star. Violetta sees him, and she feels something warm inside her chest. They fall for each other, and it doesn’t take long before they are together. .

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