Harry Potter & The Wold of Magic.

Owletta Liona Patricia Owens is a gryffindor student and is roughly the same age as harry potter, hermione granger and ronald weasley. She is from a half blood family, her father is a wizard and her mother is a muggle. Owletta is a funny girl, with a gold of heart. She is extremely kind, and quite loud. She has trouble focusing on things a for a long period of time, and it often ends up with her falling asleep or daydreaming away. She is also fairly hyper, she has to be told to calm down, and that is something her best friend Agathan does all the time. Owletta is horrible in school, she has trouble following and keeping up with notes and often has to borrow her best friends notes. She is very good with practical classes like charms and herbology. But not potions, not a bit.

Tristan Clements Davidson Owens is Owletta’s older brother. He is in gryffindor as well, and is the same age as fred and george weasley. They are in the same class. Tristan is a big time slacker and doesn’t like to do anything that require him to get bothered. He is very smart and he could get very good grades if he just tried. He is, like his sister, very kind but he is more funny. He can make anyone laugh and it comedy comes naturally for him. Tristans favorite subjects are Defence Against the Dark Arts and Potions, even though he dislike snape. He both loves and fears the dark arts, it interest him a lot. Tristan marries Agatha in the future, and they have four children. Tristan and Owletta are very close, and they spend a lot of time together.

Agatha Elizabeth Kettle is a muggle born witch who is in the hufflepuff house. She is the same age as Owletta. Agatha is the leash on Owletta, keeping her from “spazzing” out completely. Agatha often tells Owletta to calm down and “shhh” her all the time. She likes Owletta a lot, and they grew up together. Agatha is a quiet girl, but not at all shy. She just doesn’t like to talk a lot. She is a very nice person, acting like a mother towards her friends and family. She is a very smart person, school is easy for her which is a very good thing because it means she can help Owletta with notes and well, the homeworks all around. Agatha's favorite class is Astronomy and Care of Magical Creatures.

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