hello & greetings.

Hello there, welcome to symbolic dollhouse! This is my, Sandra, original character collection site. This is where I dump my original characters whenever I feel like it. Mostly when I have a image of them. I have a few, so be ready to read a lot of info. It's not lots and lots of info though, since I can't write very well. I am updating this site mostly everyday, adding new info and updating. I am sorry if you see any grammar fails or typos. English is NOT my main language, and I have dyslexia. So, please bare with me. I also often get lost in the "moment", so be prepared for a lot of ramblingz.

To get around on the site just click on the links to the left. Most images need to be hovered to be visible since I have a special kind of image style. Pretty neat if you ask me! If you need any help just send me a message, or if you have any questions. Eh, also if you find any errors like if my website starts getting errors or the style or the actual web design starts acting strange, message me too! It will speed things up for me, I mean then I get to repair it faster.

That was the welcome text! Hopefully you will like my characters, and like their design. I also hope you like this layout. It took a while to make, (a hour or two, I am glad my friends bare with me and skyping them with images) so I hope it's interesting to your eyes. Or is it appealing to your eyes? Eye? Hm. Again, Welcome!

what is an oc? why do you make them?

An Original character (also known as OCs) is a character that can be both entirely original from an original piece of work such as a story you have created or an original fan-made character for an already existing piece of work like a game, book, or movie.

Now you might ask why do you make original characters? Well, there are a few different reasons, but one example is; making a original character is a great way to express your fandom and use your imagination at the same time. You get to design your special person, you get to give it a history, a personality and a future. You mold a life, it's almost like playing god. This was my reason.