one ring to rule them all.

Rílas Lómithiel, also called “Thóriel” (which means daughter eagle) and “Miluiel” (means loving daughter). Rílas grew up among the eagles on the eagle's eyrie, which is located at a high point on the east side of the misty mountains. Gwaihir raised Rílas, not by choice but as a request by mithrandir. He was tasked to find a house or home that would raise Rílas. Over time, as Rílas grew up, Gwaihir started taking a liking to the young girl and started seeing her as his own daughter. He started calling her Miluiel, and the rest of the great eagles called her Thóriel. Only Gandalf knows where Rílas comes from, and even though She has asked him many times who her parents are he won’t tell her. She often leaves the eyrie to travel around middle earth, and during the war of the ring she help gandalf and elrond with different tasks. Rílas is a great swordsman, like most elves. She is outspoken, bright and a born leader. She is adaptive and brave.

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