Paragon and Renegade.

Sandra S Shepard is a N7 soldier, mother and the first human spectres. To her crew she is known as Commander Shepard and was the one who killed all the reapers, a race that threatened to destroy all living life in the galaxy. Shepard spent her childhood on many different ships and stations. She followed her parents as they transferred from posting to posting. They never staying in one location for more than a few years. Shepard followed her parents and enlisted when she was eighteen years old. Sandra's childhood was good, even though she never really felt at home anywhere. Moving around so much was difficult for her, but she did not complain about it because she knew it was important to her parents. During her time spent on the Normandy, she met Kaidan Alenko and they developed deep bonds for each other. He was the one that found her after the reapers had been destroyed, under a heap of stone and concrete. It was a miracle she was alive, but it was barely. It was close she died, it took weeks, even months for her to be able to walk again. Kaidan and Sandra later marry and have children, but both kaidan and she is still active in their duties, helping and trying to restore the mass relays. Sandra is fearless, resilient, protective, born leader and daring. She is also good hearted, tenacious and cunning.

Thalessa Asteria Rossum is an skilled biotic who comes from planet Thessia. Thalessa meets Shepard when she and her crew of scientist/researchers were to inspect what they thought was a old Prothean ruin, on the Akuze planet. Shepard was there, around, looking for minerals for her ship. Joker tells Shepard that there is a emergency broadcast and that shepard should hear it. In it Thalessa talk about a mob of batarian slavers, and that half of her crew is dead. She also ask beg for help. Shepard and her crew saves Thalessa and the scientist/researchers who are still alive. During the fight against the batarians shepard notice Thalessa’s biotic knowledge and later ask her if she would like to join her crew. She say no, but later sends shepard a message saying she changed her mind. Thalessa grew up on Thessia, but was not born there. She was born on the citadel, but was moved to Thessia after her mother left her father. Her father was powerful yet gentle krogan who did everything he could to keep in touch with his daughter. Only later, during the last battle on earth, Thalessa finds herfather. He finally finds her and contact her, he tells her he has been looking for her and that he loves her so very much. Thalessa is intelligent, upright, savvy, shrewd and cunning. Also good hearted, bold and slightly manipulative.

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