My very own stories & Characters.

These are characters that are made for custom stories. Right now it's just 1 character, and she lives in the world my best friend Arianna has come up with. I am surly going to be adding other characters here, more custom ones. I have a few I am working on, both stories and characters. So I will be adding stuff here, sloooowly.

Calandra Sooleawa (Silver) Salenius is a 26ish woman who lives in a world where demons, zombies, vampires and other wonderful monsters exist. Calandra is the oldest of 3 siblings, her siblings are named Nia & Marcus. (Both are Ariannas characters) Calandra also known as Cal is a "cyborg", more or less. She has a fully working robot arm which she created herself. She also has implants in her head. Calandra is bad ass, hot headed and rough. She is very protective of her family. She is also very funny, sometimes. Ennis is her boyfriends name, they live in a apartment in the town they live. Calandra is very smart, and very good with inventing things. Calandra has heterochromia, a genetic "disorder" where two eyes have complete different colors. One of her eyes is dark brown almost black and one is cotton pink (like her sisters).