Dem little shits, more or less.

Here, you will find my the original characters, also know as ocs I have made. They are fanbased, made to fit stories from games, tv shows, moveis & books. It's quite a few, so I hade to make different sections, one for each type of thing? Not sure how you would say it. . One for movies, one for books and so on, I think you know what I mean. Hope you like my babies and their story/design/personalities!

books & comics are for reading.

 Harry Potter. //  The Spiderwick Chronicles. //  Lord Of The Ring. // Fables. //  Marvel: Xmen.

mmm, movies & shows.

 Star Wars. //  The Walking Dead. //  Charmed. //  Buffy the vampire slayer. //  True Blood. //  Defiance. //  Pokémon.

go away, I have a village to save.

 Vampire: the Masquerade. //  Dragon Age. //  Haunting Ground. //  Silent Hill. //  Dead Space. //  Assassin's Creed 2. //  Mass Effect. //  Fallout: New Vegas. //  Saints Row. //  Elder Scrolls. //  Witcher.

I >try< making all my characters different from one and another, every single person is uniqe to me, they are my babies after all. I am however not good with personalities and such, due to my dyslexia, so I am sorry if they sound alike or mary sue or whatever. (I might actually have some ocs that are kind mary sueish, and I don't care if I do. If you don't like them, go away.) My lovely friends to help me with grammer and other things. It's thanks to them I'm even getting anywhere and somewhere. Especially Ari & Jessie! ♥ Thank you guys for helping me with so much! I love you guys!