Beyond the world of regularness.

Lena Agnes Vargas is the daughter of Laurie Vargas, one of the main characters in the second chronicles of spiderwick. Lena was first introduced to the faerie world when she was ten years old. She was in the garden listening to her walkman, and she saw something in the tall grass. What she saw scared her so much she started screaming, the poor faerie got so spooked that it ran away. Lena ran inside screaming and her mother had to calm her down telling her what it was she saw. She told her why she could see them, because of the locket Laurie had given her. Inside was the four leaf clover, that would let anyone who wears it see the fae world. Lena is a very brave girl, willful, impulsive and confident. She loves retro things and bright pastel colors. She lives with her mother and little baby brother Rupert in an old victorian house in Main, New England.

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