Welcome to silent hill, watch out for monsters.

Alice Britany Bell comes to silent hill after she wakes up in the Alchemilla Hospital even though she was not hospitalized there. She has no idea how she got to the alchemilla hospital, and it seems like everyone in the hospital has vanished. Alice got hospitalized by the order, forcefully, because to them alice's drug addiction had become a burden and a problem. She was one of the few who would become part in something greater, a sacrifice to the Holy Mother. Alice was born by two order members, and alice was placed at the Wish House Orphanage to become part of the “Sect of the Holy Mother”. They were a fanatic sect that would feed the children PTV and make them read holy scripts and texts. Alice is called back to silent hill because of her twin sister, who still is in the order, and who is calling for alice. During the time Alice spent in the mental institution, she gained clarity of what the order really was, and swore to stop them. But her twin sister is in fact alice herself, and she comes to silent hill to save herself from the order. Alice is brave, cunning, bold, gullible, stubborn and misguided. Also unforgiving and willful.

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