This Site & stuff like that.

This site has been around for 2 years, but in the beginning it was called "cemeteries of london", which I got from a coldplay song. Then I had around 9 original characters. Ah, it was a simple time I would say. After a while I decided I want to make a new layout with a new name for the site, and symbolic dollhouse was born. I used the same layout for 1 year or so before I decided to redo it. Before symbolic dollhouse I decided to make one website for every oc I owned, and back then it wasn't that many. But now they are more, so I decided to just make one big website for all of my babies. This time around, don't think I will be remaking the layout anytime soon. I really love how it turned out, both the colors and the style.

all those wonderful artworks.

YES! All the drawing on this site IS NOT made by me. They are all made by my wonderful and kind friend, Judy. She has the most wicked style, I have ever seen. All her drawings looks bloody awesome, and she always draw my characters like I imagined them to look. So whenever she draw anything for me, I get so excited and happy! So all credit goes to her! ♥

that name, what?

I have always always been horrible with coming up with names for my websites. But this time I think I did pretty well! The name came to me when I was thinking what this site would be. A archive? A catalog? A dollhouse? YES, a dollhouse. It kinda looks like one! But the name dollhouse wouldn't be enough, so I was thinking what does this website symbolise to me and everyone? Ah, it's a symbolic dollhouse! I am deep sometimes, yep.

credits, of course.

FONT: Mega Team. // TEXTURE: Kakihito. // TEXTURE: Effiestrinkets. // TEXTURE: Chodingdino. // I am looking for the rest of the resources. They will be added soon.