May the force be with you.

Neniva Leliana Lock was born on Nar Shadaa, in one of the more wealthy districts. She grew up with her brother, father and mother. She moves to coruscant when she and her brother were around six years old, due to her parents getting a job at the Galactic Senate. At age of seven a terrible fire burned down almost the entire district she lived in, which killed her father and mother. Neniva got horribly burned, on her left side of her body, when saving her brother from the fire. During the fire she showed a tremendous force adaptations, and it didn’t talk long before she got recruited by a jedi master. Norma Jin, her jedi master, trained her once she became well enough to leave the hospital. Norma Jin was not like the other jedis, she believed that a true jedi's powers come from all the emotions, such as love. She doesn’t openly show her ideals and keeps them to herself. Neniva marries Archiban Frodrick Kimble, and they later get children in secret. Neniva is a good leader, reliable, loyal and determined. She is kind, outspoken and brave.

Basca Nova Tye is a sith pureblood smuggler from Nar Shadaa. She was raised as a republican, and has human step parents. She moved out early to go smuggling with her new found friend, Benjamin Trite. Her parents did not wish for her to leave, but they couldn’t stop her. They parted on good terms however and they gave her a hug and a kiss and said good bye. Basca said she will be back in no time, and she often visited her parents. Each 4th month she visited with money and other nice stuff. Benjamin, or Ben as Basca calls him, taught Basca how to fly a ship, shot with blasters and smuggle. Ben died when there was a raid on his ship, they killed him but before he died he and Basca killed all imperials who “trespassed”. Before he died he gave the ship to Basca. Basca is bright, outspoken, rash, daring and playfully mischievous.

Sastra Galya Tye is a sith pureblood from Nar Shadaa. She grew up with her twin sister Basca and her step parents. During Sastras childhood, even up till now, she has had trouble understanding who she is. She knows she is a sith pureblood, and she knows purebloods are not every good people. This frightened her, it still does, and she feels like she is bound to become evil. This ultimately pushed her into joining the dark side. Not because she is evil, but because she believes such a person like herself only belongs with evil people. Sastra is in fact a very kind person, good hearted, cunning and loving. Her step parents were lovely people, and they raised their children good.

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