Disturbed and Twisted.

Annabelle Antoinette Bessette is a france venture vampire from the late 1800. She was sired by Sebastian LaCroix and brought to the US during the early 1900. Annabelle was the youngest of eight sisters. She lived with her father, who was a rich and well liked man. During her human life, Annabelle was a shy and withdrawn girl, who liked to spend her time reading books and watching the nature. She liked dark romantic tales about vampires and monsters, and it fascinated her a great deal. All this made her father troubled, because she was nothing like her sisters. Once she was embraced and turned her personality changed, not a lot but a bit. She became overly confident of her abilities, strong willed, charming and resilient. She still was kind and good hearted, for being a vampire. When turned, Sebastian killed her middle sister, because when he started feeding on Annabelle she screamed something horrifying. To keep Annabelle's sister from running for help, Sebastian killed her right in front of Annabelle. This made annabelle dislike Sebastian quite a lot, but she is close to her sire, and is his right hand.

Hanako Anari Aoki is a japanese Brujah vampire from the middle of the heian period, which was between 794 to 1185. She is known as Hannah, because some people have trouble with pronouncing her name right, for some reason. Hanako grew up in a very very poor family, and at the age of six, they sold her to a wealthy family. But after just a few month they sold her again, because she was a “trouble maker”. She didn’t do the things she was told to do, and she kept asking about her parents and when she could see them. She was sold to a brothel, and started working as a prostitute when she was only thirteen years old. When Hanako had turned nineteen she met her sire for the first time, it was a american. He met Hanako many times before he sire her. After he sired her, they decided to leave Tokyo and go to america, but Hanako’s sire got killed by another clan. She fled back to tokyo and hid for a couple of hundred years. She decided to go to america during the american civil war, 1861, but did not stay long. She sailed back home in the early 1900, but come back once the second world war had started. Hanako has her own personal style, mixing Reggae and Japanese culture/Hikimayu. Hanako is ambitious, manipulative, diplomatic and is good with understanding things and makes good judgments. She is also stern and intelligent.

Alonzo Calogero Mancini is a italian Brujah vampire from the early 80’s. His nickname is Al, a short version of Alonzo. He is also known as Calzone, and only by Hanako. Alonzo was sired during a underground punk fest, and when he was high on cocaine. His sire was a young woman brujah, whose name Alonzo never tell. When she had sired him, they went on a killing spree, and killing for the sake of killing. At first, it was great and he loved it but after a while her grew tired of it and didn’t like it anymore. He told his sire he didn’t want to do it anymore, and as they started arguing he killed his sire in blind rage. After he realize what he has done, he fled to America. After a few years, he met Hanako and they became good friends, sharing the same thoughts and ideas. They became very close and can always be seen together. Alonzo is resilient, rash, unyielding, tenacious and unforgiving. Also a huge idealist.

Tournesol is a english ventrue sired by annabelle bessette. Tournesol meaning sunflower in french, and Tournesol is the "daughter" of Annabelle. Annabelle sired Tournesol during the 1918, when the flu pandemic broke out. At that time, Tournesol was know as Clara Etta Cobb, an orphan whose parents had died before the flu pandemic. During the flu outbreak, she lived on the street because the care takes had all died. She was not the only one that lived on the street but all the other orphan children did as well. When Annabelle found her, she was very ill, near death. She mistook annabelle for her mother, and for some reason annabelle took pity on the poor girl and turned her. Once turned, she came with annabelle and sebastian to america. Because Clara got turned at such a young age, only eleven years old, she has trouble seeing right from wrong. This makes her very dangerous, and unpredictable. Tournesol is blunt, impulsive, loyal and very confident. Also fearless and smug.

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