There are some things you don’t come back from .

Eydis Ronja Flygt, also known as Dizzy or Disa, is a 23 year old woman who is surviving the apocalypse, of the walking dead universe. Before the outbreak she lived with adoptive parents in a small house down in the Suburb, in King County, Georgia. She watched her parents die, getting eaten by walkers. They called out for her, but she was too afraid to move. She watched as the walkers tore her parents up, from the safety of her wardrobe. Once the walkers had left, her parents turned and she was brave enough to move (she ended up sitting in the wardrobe for one and a half day), she left the wardrobe, took her things (her bow/arrows and her utility bag) and left. Outside she saw the aftermath of the outbreak, and she knew she had to get out of sight and move to somewhere safe. She goes to the The King County Sheriff's Department first, to see if any of the police can help her but there is no one there. When she was on her way to leave she met Rick, Morgan and Duane. Eydis is caring, have a strong belief about what's wrong and right, loyal and gullible. But also Compassionate and Stubborn.

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