To Me, My X-Men!

Lydia Orlana Odd (real last name is Thorn), also know as oddity, is a mutant with a variety of mutant powers. She has weakened regenerative power (healing factor), as well as Molecular manipulation and Reality warping. She can also fly, but only by molecularly manipulate herself. She grew up in a home that didn’t give her any kind of affection or love. They rarely spoke with her, you could say they rejected her. This led to her using her powers for bad things. Once she made all the water pipes in school explode, and the school board just knew it was her. She was a troubled child, doing anything to get attention. This led to her getting kicked out of her high school, and getting invited or recruited to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters. There she learns to control her powers, even though she can control them pretty well. She also becomes an X-Men. She is Cunning, Charismatic, Tenacious and Smug. But also very kind hearted.

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